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Valentin Fougeray is a prhotographer who works and live in Paris. After studying architecture, he started focus on art in 2009. Valentin came to Paris in 2012 to do Gobelins school where he have been graduated in 2014. Today, photographer split his time between a commercial practice and my artistic one which is based on experimentation. Valentin Fougeray likes to play visual contingencies, failures that twist an object from its shape.


“Try, experiment, pursue ideas and realize them, succeed, but also be wrong…”


Hello Valentin! What brought you to photography?


Hi. 1. Boredom (I grew up in the countryside while dreaming of the city).
2. An artistic culture linked to the world of the street (graffiti, rap, break-dance). These are practices that have awakened the idea that anything was possible. The DIY in some ways (do it yourself). In addition to the fascination of these new underground art forms, it was also for me the opportunity to create, to express without limits and almost without means (technical and financial). At this time, I bought a lot of magazines that I stripped to cover the walls of my room. I was a child full of dreams. The program “Tracks” also has a great impact on my consciousness.
3. A certain fascination for the photographic object and the arrival of the digital.

How you found your own style in this profession?

I would say at the moment I created without asking myself this question. It is something that takes time and that only practice can reveal. Try, experiment, pursue ideas and realize them, succeed, but also be wrong… I think that all those things build your own style.

How many shoots you usually take to have a perfect photo?

There are no rules, but a lot, when I’m experimenting, because I’m trying to push the limits, through my ideas to know what’s the best and when I really like a result. Even if I try a lot of things, I often came back to a simpler form of my image. I don’t impose any quantitative limits on myself. I happen to take photos for a whole day for a single image, to appreciate none at the end of the shoot and end up loving it weeks later.

What, you think, makes you different from other photographers?

I would prefer to ask you the question aha. Basically, I would say my past experiences that make my sensitivity, my emotions, and my curiosity to discover tomorrow.

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You recently joined /neɪm/ community with your outstanding artworks. How would you describe this platform in your own words?

/neim/ is a multidisciplinary group of artists with a similar common vision. It is a friendly place to discover and share your experience through an artistic look. It is also an opportunity for everyone to acquire authentic works.

What names inspires you & why/how?

Many, but my sources of inspiration evolve constantly and quickly. If you want some names, I can name Walead Beshty for his concepts, their simplicity, the visual result and the meaning that comes from it. Husk Design blog, because I deeply love design, architecture and their editorial line is a lot like what I like in these areas. SayHiTo mag for the same reasons. Painters like Gerhard Richter and David Hockney who have changed their practice during their careers. Camille Henrot for her creative freedom. She uses a multitude of artistic medium to express her ideas (video, painting, sculpture).

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