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Studio Grey on Grey is an Amsterdam based design studio founded by two Lithuanian artists Justina Vilčinskaitė and Dovilė Aleksandravičiūtė.

Colour grey is considered to be an intermediate colour but also commonly referred to as being an achromatic or a non-colour. Furthermore, it is usually synonymous to everything dull and boring. Through our work we want to overturn these negative connotations associated with grey. We see beauty in simplicity and appreciate slow and thoughtful design. For us grey stands for focus, calmness and pleasant tranquillity. 

With this attitude we produce home décor objects that combine minimal forms with inspirations from nature. Our designs are based on easily perceived clean clear forms that upon a closer look reveal a plentitude of small details in surface and texture. All our items are hand-made and can subtly tie together any interior.


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November 12

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