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I was born in 1984 and studied interior design in Brussels. As a young child, I was fascinated by the work of my grandfather who was a cabinetmaker. He passed on his passion for tactile materials and expert craftsmanship. I love to experiment with geometric shapes, proportions and compositions. I also like to play with balance and challenge both gravity and material properties in my work.


“Meditation will always calm the mind and make me see things clearly again.”

Passion & work


Hello Roel, do you know any good jokes?


Q. How many designers does it take to change a light bulb?
A. Fuck off, I’m not changing a thing.

Tell us about your regular day routine?

The returning things are lemon water in the morning and jasmine tea throughout the day. The rest is very different from one day to another. Some daily routine is good, especially in the morning. It creates a motivation to get up early. But doing things differently from time to time is important too!

How do you overcome creative blocks?

Sit still and watch my breath. Meditation will always calm the mind and make me see things clearly again.

What names inspires your work most? How/why?

Achille Castiglioni has always been my idol. He was a master in creating simple, yet beautiful and functional objects. He might not inspire my work directly, but he is an example for me. And his work is a motivation to improve my own. One of my favorites is, although I don’t smoke, the ashtray for Alessi.

/neim/ community

A question from creative family member, Renata Simone: “What super-power you would like to have and why?”

Telepathy. Some people are very good at communicating through spoken words. I’m not. I’d love to communicate by reading each other’s minds. We would understand each other perfectly and could have secret conversations in public and no one would ever know.

Your minimalist furniture can be found at /neim/ shop. What were the main reasons in choosing to join the /neim/ creative family?

Trust. I like the fresh and idealistic, yet very professional approach of the founders towards their project.

Thank you, Roel. It was lovely to meet you!

April 24

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