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Richard Gaston is  a photographer originally from the countryside in Scotland. His work holds a preference in utilizing natural light and color aiming to illustrate experiences literally as Richard sees them, documenting the peaceful combination of nature and man through composition and the element of secludedness. Throughout his imagery lies a vast sense of overwhelming landscape surrounding the micro aspect of mankind, conveying insignificance and feebleness in the face of epic landscape.


“A moment in nature can be especially perfect.”

Passion & work


Hi Richard, do you remember the very first photo you captured? Where, what was it, how it happened, how you felt (tell us, please, more about this experience)?


Hi. I can’t quite remember the first photo had I ever captured, but I can remember the first photo I captured that allowed me to establish my own belief in photography. It was a photo in a dark forest with a small pocket of light breaking through onto the only fallen tree in the forest. I recall reviewing the image and immediately realizing it was my strongest photo I had taken at that time. I decided to submit the final image to various magazines and exhibitions and it won in a completion of over +10k submissions which was later exhibited in London. From that point on it gave me confidence in my ability to take photographs and later build a career in the respected profession.

What would you call ‘a perfect shot’?

Being a perfectionist, can be stressful and has its limitations, this transpires into my photography; subjects in focus and composition as a priority. I deem images that are not of a technical standard unusable. This approach has its downfall as I sometimes forget the true meaning of photography as a moment and not just a technically good photo. A moment in nature can be especially ‘perfect.’ Nature is the ideal subject to capture something special due to the elements of unpredictability and no control makes way for this to be hardest to achieve with perfection, so I have the upmost respect for those who can achieve outstanding images under those conditions, arctic and mountaineering expeditions particularly.

If you weren’t in your profession, what would you do?

I don’t want to say that I wouldn’t be happy, but I’m confident that I wouldn’t be as happy as I am currently pursuing a creative career. I studied social work for 7 years, it was a great subject – chosen because of my interest in people and how we think – but I wasn’t happy carrying out the practical work, although I couldn’t figure out how to tell myself that and never realized the potential opportunities as a photographer until I removed myself from the environment. To answer the question, I think I would be working in a sector of social work.

Is there names you follow/admire? Who are these & why they’re special?

I admire the works of Reuben Wu and Cody Cobb. Although far from my aesthetic, Reuben Wu experiments with light in a way I could never imagined and contrasting to his style is Cody Cobb, who utilizes the softest tones and light. Both have in common the choices of locations, somewhat otherworldly.


/neɪm/ community

A question from /neɪm/ creative family member, Ahryun Lee (Studio LAR): “What is your passion? What is important for you the present or the past?”

My passion lies in photography and all things in appreciation of colour. The past certainly shapes our future and I aim to make my past as pleasant as possible with good people and beautiful places. I tend to get caught in the future too much and forget about the present moment at times. I guess I would put that down to being ambitious and aiming to achieve the best for my future self.

Your recently joined /neɪm/ with an outstanding captured moments of nature. How would you describe /neɪm/ platform in your own words?

/neim/ is the appreciation for things beautifully created and designed and aim to bring the global creative community together by showcasing some of the finest new coming art and design.

Thank you, Richard! It was nice to have a chat.

April 24

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