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Renata presents herself as a space stylist, decor mixer, editor or graphic designer, according to the situation, as she can’t find one perfect word describing all her professions and passions in one. According to Renata, people are more interdisciplinary than they think. Are we?


“Live, don’t just exist.”

Passion & influence


Hi Renata! When did you felt crush on creativity for the first time?


Aloha! Think, I was always passionate about creativity, just didn’t knew which one. I started to look for the right path when I was round 14-15 years old.

What moves you most in life, either to inspire or upset you?

Moves? I think inspiration, in general, when you’re passionate about other people’s works and when others says how much they like what you do. And mostly I’m upset because of my own expectations – either that other people or myself don’t fulfill it.

Do you think creativity is in genes? What did your family do for a living? How big of a role did that play in your life? Did it influence you in one way or another?

Not sure. Maybe. Well, in my case, my father used to draw and mother works in children’s day nursery. I didn’t knew my father much as I grew up with mother, and she allowed me to choose what I really want. She was my companion when I was choosing where to study and all I needed to do is to point the direction. Sure, she advised me of what she knew, but apart from that it was always me who needed to make a decision. And I’m really grateful for that!

Did your studies was related to what you are doing now?

Yes and no, but mostly yes.
See, I wanted to study journalism, mathematics, hairdressing, I was into psychology, interior design & even wanted to become a singer when I was a teenager… But I lost understanding of math when my teacher changed at school. For hairdressing and psychology I needed higher mark in fields of chemistry & math. For being a singer I needed to have a proper voice, while I’m better in writing than speaking or even singing. I did not choose journalism as I just can’t force myself do what I’m not fully into & it had many things I didn’t agree with.
In a final, I picked multimedia design instead of interior, but I am happy, because all of my passions and circumstances lead me to who and where I am now. I learned how to apply strengths and knowledge of each passion I have. I combine more than one profession, passion and skill in work and life.

In retrospect would you choose degree or practice? What, you think, is the best path to your profession?

I had a studies, where we had plenty of practice. So, I choose practice, but again, it depends how professional is your teacher. Think, there is no right or wrong path, as we should learn from every position we’re at that moment. You just must not to be afraid to follow your passions, try, fail, learn & repeat.

What & who were your influence on your way?

By the time I was looking for my path, I wasn’t familiar with life coaches, influencers & etc. The old Nokia 3310 was just about to show up by that time! Books, other people experience and pretty strict choices were there, but I always felt that I would like to be somewhere in between a few roles. So I was rolling my day dream on a side of the odd life while clearing the vision bit by bit, time by time.


Inspiration, career & future

What names inspires you now the most and why/how?

I don’t really have an idol. There are so many inspirational people, who dare to seek for their passions. I think biggest inspiration for me is my husband, because he reminds me that we must reach for our life goals and no one else will do all the work for us, except us, and kicks my ass when I’m lazy :D.

Where do you want to go with your career? What do you have in the pipeline now & how do you figure /neim/ will develop in the future?

Most people plan too far. Not saying that I don’t have plans and visions, but as the world keeps rotating, plans should be flexible too. There are billions of possibilities, depending on everyday decisions, so rather stay true to our dreams and values, as it is what matters at first place.

As /neim/, we would love to invite you all to our physical creative house where you could actually see and feel the objects we showcase, be inspired by exhibitions and other events, meet the like-minded, create something together & be a part of such a community. Sounds exiting, we know & we work toward to have this!

If you weren’t in your profession, what would you do?

Think there is no better way to express yourself than choosing your profession and/or work. I wanted to study architecture, but by the time I needed to fill in the papers, I was informed that it’s ±60 people to 1 seat and then I realize that I have no preparation for such an entrance examination, except just my passion for interiors. Today I think that I wasn’t brave enough to give a blind shot, as then I chose to take exams in a similar field of studies (multimedia arts) & got myself as number 2. So originally, I got degree as a designer in multimedia arts and advertisement, not architect, but always try to find a way how to mix graphic & interior design.

Thank you, Renata! It was pleasure to chat.

No worries at all! The pleasure was mine.

March 25

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