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Metal trays created with intention to set the material free and capture the moment of it’s natural formation process, revealing the beauty of raw material and natural power of gravity.


✓ Handmade from high quality materials
✓ Naturally formed

✓ Exclusively at /neim/

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Material — 99% tin, 1% copper
Weight — ~800g / ~1600g

Shipping to your door

Europe — about 3-5 working days
Rest of the world — about 6-10 working days
This product is made to order with a typical 3 days lead time & shipped from EU

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3 reviews for Pewter tray

  1. Leslie Stranski

    Very cool and unique deciration. I love the look of the product.

  2. LORE V

    Realy stylish and attractive. Perfect for my rings.

  3. Jennifer Morris

    It’s a slightly too small to serve snacks for a small group of people and heavier than I thought. However it is very unique and I would say perfect as decoration itself.

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