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Millim is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Rome, founded in 2016 by Chiara Pellicano and Edoardo Giammarioli, operating in different fields: creative consultancy, art direction, product design and visual design. Both, after working for important design and architecture studios, have started working together on individual projects, bringing the vision of the couple as an added value to the design process. The “double” is a central theme. Millim is a palindrome word that contains all the nuances and codes about the vision of the two designers.


Fusion — bench and stool
Images © Serena Eller

The marble becomes an embracing “mother”. The matter withdraws to leave space for another matter. As a magnifying glass, huge transparent cylinders, cross and reveal the heart of marble, mixing with it. The tale of a fusion, where empty and full mix up.



Images © Emanuele Chiaverini

Sport. Utility. Products A collection inspired by our last trip to the United States. A fusion of genres and moods, from streetstyle and sporty fashion to rap and trap music. The collection S.U.P. lives of visual and tactile impulses. “Poor” and precious materials are processed entirely by hand; foam and brass are put in close relationship; colors, geometries and texts tell the desire for freedom, movement and change.

Millim_Studio-name-of-the-week-neim-design-6_S.U.P._discover_coffee table_detail
Millim_Studio-name-of-the-week-neim-design-4_S.U.P._discover_coffee table
Millim_Studio-name-of-the-week-neim-design-5_S.U.P._discover_coffee table
Millim_Studio-name-of-the-week-neim-design-7_S.U.P._your mind_flag
Millim_Studio-name-of-the-week-neim-design-8_S.U.P._universe_home decor

December 8 / 2018

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