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Meet Stefanie & Matthias (Kellektiv Plus Zwei) – a design duo that loves to explore and play with materials, humor and the complete manufacturing process. Studio designs furniture, conceptual objects and experiments with the goal of making them more sensually perceivable and tangible.


“We love the connection and contrast of materials. We are always eager to discover new materials to work with and find out about their ad-/disadvantages and what they want to be.”


Hello guys! Let’s start from story behind Kollektiv Plus Zwei: what’s the meaning of the name?

/Stefanie & Matthias/

The meaning of the name: although we work together as a duo we see ourselves as part of the collective. This means we get inspiration, hints and support from our environment – the collective.

So how did You met?

We met at university during our first studies of product design back than in Germany. We fell in love, became a couple. Besides that we´ve been always supporting each other at projects. If you hang out a lot together, share the same interests and discuss design, you will develop a similar understanding of design and aesthetics over the years.

What was Your first project as Kollektiv Plus Zwei?

Our first project was a textile tube lamp – called Knitula. It was the first and probably longest project we ever did. There are 100s of prototypes in different shapes and textile lampshades we did :).

What was the main points to work together?

Matze: technical understanding and materiality. Steffi: colors and textures.

How would You describe Your profession in five words?

Material, curiosity, sensual perception, humor, stamina.

What is Your favorite material to work with on a product design?

Resin is a beautiful connector of materials. But in general we love the connection and contrast of materials. We are always eager to discover new materials to work with and find out about their ad-/disadvantages and what they want to be.


Your joined /neɪm/ with Your amazing works. What was the main points of choosing to take a part in /neɪm/?

A convincing concept of /neɪm/; an open, professional, constructive and supportive culture of conversation; and sympathy.

A question from another /neɪm/ community member, Renata Simone: “How you manage to work together? Is it easier or harder to work alone for You?”

In most of the cases it is easier to work together instead of alone for one-selves. You have a partner to share and discuss your ideas, that motivates and supports you. Sure, sometimes it is also difficult to discuss projects, because logically one can not be equally enthusiastic or convinced about every project. In these cases, usually one of us will continue alone until the other one is back on board :).

Your work is very aesthetic. What names inspire Your work most?

We do not have a role model for our entire work, we have different idols for different areas of our work. Chefs, textures of our environment, craftsmanship and industrial mass production, to name a few. Otherwise we gain inspiration from rather the quiet and subtle observations of our everyday life.

Tell us about Your best project so far?

That is „The Importance of the Obvious“ series. It is the project with the greatest variation, it has brought us to many exciting places and interesting people.

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