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Alice Walton works with colored clay throughout its plastic states, aiming to highlight the meditative process of the material. Her sculptural and abstract forms explore complex and intense surface textures and intend to provoke intrigue. In a world that is increasingly changing minute by minute she attempts to slow down, allowing her to steadily evolve, brick by brick, pin mark by pin mark. Her work is about a consideration of the everyday, taking the time to notice the unseen things in our environment and re-evaluating them.


City Landscape

Images © Alice Walton, Tom Hains and Ester Segerra

Alice Walton latest ceramic work is inspired by the environment she sees around her, the streets, the sky, everyday objects and the green spaces within the city of London. Her sculptural and abstract forms explore complex and intense surface textures, pushing the clay to its limits with the intent to provoke intrigue. She engages her fascination of noticing mundane street objects which we pass by in our everyday lives and investigates how they can transcend into the unusual and extraordinary objects which can no longer go unnoticed, forming a new abstract landscape.


February 3

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