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Aivaras is a visual artist & advertising photographer. He loves to express himself through visuals rather than text. Even his works are aspired by minimalism, abstract and high aesthetic taste, Aivaras is a maximalist & always lift the limits.


“If you want to grow as a creator/person you need to see yourself in a critical way and improve every single day.”

Passion & work


Hi Aivaras! You’re visual artist, advertising photographer, art director & I assume are involved in many other things. How do you manage all of this?


Usually I don’t :). I would need to work non-stop to manage everything. My secret is to work on 1 or 2 things at a time and after completion move to the next to-do list. I like to finish the job instead of leaving it unfinished.


You are also a perfectionist. Do you think it’s positive or negative in your work?

It really depends on the task. Because it’s in my genes, I can’t get rid of it. In my daily business life I believe it helps me to improve, because if you want to grow as a creator/person you need to see yourself in a critical way and improve every single day.

Thank you, Aivaras!

March 24

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