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Aivaras is a still life photographer & co-founder of /neim/. His artworks inspired by minimalism and abstract. Aivaras is taking a bigger part of /neim/ visual style as he loves to express himself through visuals rather than text. He is a maximalist & always lift the limits.


“If you want to grow as a creator/person you need to see yourself in a critical way and improve every single day.”

Passion & work


Hi Aivaras! You’re co-founder of ‘/neim/’. Can you explain what ‘neim’ stands for?


Renata and I founded “/neim/” to showcase most inspiring works/products and creators/brands behind. As it’s our passion rather then just a business, meaning born from simple word “name” and pronunciation of it became inspiration to our brand identity.

Describe /neim/ in your own words (what you think /neim/ is and do)?

We’re community, driven by the idea of growing independent culture and standing for each other. That’s why we call it creative family. We aim to have intelligent and supportive community of most inspirational creators/brands from all around the globe and present best art & design to an audience of the world.

What personal meaning ‘/neim/’ has to you? (How it helps to implement yourself?)

/neim/ means a lot to me. Sometimes I feel that I’m taking too much personal responsibility, but I want it to be successful, in real and honest way.

Does ‘/neim/’ has a location?

At the moment we don’t have a trading location, but we’re working on it. It’s one of our main goals to have nice premises in artistic Edinburgh.


You’re commercial photographer, art director, manager and you do many other things as a co-founder. How do you manage all of this?

Usually I don’t :). I would need to work non-stop to manage everything. My secret is to work on 1 or 2 things on a time and after completion move to the next to do list. I like to finish the job instead of leaving it unfinished.

You are also a perfectionist. Do you think it’s positive or negative in your work?

It really depends on the task. Because it’s in my genes, I can’t get rid of it. In my daily business life I believe it helps me to improve, because if you want to grow as a creator/person you need to see yourself in a critical way and improve every single day.

Thank you, Aivaras!

March 24

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