/neim/ shop offers an exclusive range of international art and design for home, office and yourself. Each name is chosen for a high aesthetic taste & strong philosophy.

It is a privilege to work closely with a talented independent brands, artists and designers from all around the globe, such as Push Collection, Marija Puipaite, Studio LAR, Richard Gaston, Candle Hand, Kotryna Butautyte, Akvile Su, Mario Alessiani, Kollektiv Plus Zwei.


FREE worldwide shipping*
*On orders over 150 GBP / 170 EUR / 210 USD

/neim/ graphic design studio share a passion for aesthetic design and specialize in developing brand identity and branding projects across the world.

Exhibitions & events
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Established by husband and wife duo, /neim/ creative house is a high-end graphic design studio, shop & gallery (in a near future). We aim to support independent and our vision is to be a platform from which people could share their talents & passions, so all profits are used to fulfill the vision.

FREE worldwide shipping. Because we support independent.